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Success Stories

If you've adopted from us and want to share your story, please email us your adoption story and/or picture, please! At 


 We adopted Emma (on the left) from the wonderful folks at DRAW March 2019. With her is Buzz, also a rescue. They are both good traveling dogs. We have been on a road trip for the past 4.5 months.


Benji’s livin the dream! After some initial anxiety, he has settled into his new home and is thriving! No more anxiety and he is a happy, loving boy who loves his walks, going on runs and hikes, and playing with other dogs!

Flash is gone, but still so precious to us. I wrote this after he passed. Thanks again for our boy. --- Flash Medallion Hunt. What a dog. 

This dog embodied all the qualities that we hope to find in each other. Love-devotion-forgiveness-....oh I could go on. And it's something you just can't understand when you are unwilling to. I hope though that at the glimpse of the life we've had with him will convince you to consider changing your viewpoint. See through my heart, my mind, my spirit. See and you will know.

In Feb 2006 (the very month and year Jay and I met interesting enough) Flash was born. In June of 2009, Flash Medallion became a Hunt. December 16th 2017 we had to give Flash back, his work on earth was done and he earned his rest from this weary world.

Violet, there is just no way to thank you enough for the best dog ever and helping convince Jay we needed to give this dog a chance. Our lives are forever changed.


King. Yes, I managed to "fatten" him up. 6 pounds of skin and bones because of his life as a stray, now 9 pounds. He's a dashshund Yorkie mix, so he's a stubborn, independent, little guy, but always snuggles when in bed. He was a runner, so I "got" to pay for a fence to keep him home.🤣 He's become an important part of my life. I'm grateful to Draw Rescue for bringing him all the way from Tulare animal services.

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