Adoptable Dogs

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Adult, Large, Black and Tan


Toby is a big goofball once you get to know him but has been through some hard things in his life. He had an idyllic and quiet life with his human and his cat and his little dog friend.  He lived rurally and was never socialized. But then his human died. His human's boy tried to step in but his young social city life was just too much for Toby. Ultimately, he lost HIS home due to Toby yelling at people to stay away. He couldn't find a new place to live that would include Toby and he finally made the heartbreaking decision to give Toby up. So now Toby is waiting for the right person to find him. 
Toby is a big boy. Around 100 pounds. And he needs slow introductions to new people. He needs someone who wont require him to be social. A rural life is ideal. He Will do his best to keep you safe. He is honestly the gentlest of giants but that is hard to see through his rough exterior. He just needs a chance. And he will respond by being the most devoted companion you could ever want. Toby is leash trained, house trained, also trained to wear a muzzle as needed. He loves toys and loves to play. Has resource guarding issues to be worked with.

Adoption fee $150



Young, Large, Blak

Jax is just over a year who has come from California in search of his forever home. Not much is known about his history, as he came from the shelter as a stray. However, he is slow to trust, which could be a result of being bounced around at such a young age.
He is a very affectionate, goofy boy who loves to play with the ball and go for walks. He knows the basics and has been in training for the last month.
He is searching for a person who is willing to be patient and take their time letting him get comfortable and get to know him. If you are local, we will set up training with you as part of his adoption. He does like to voice his opinions and would not make a good apartment dog unless you are home during the day..

Adoption fee $250


Adult, Medium, White and tan

Louie is a 2-year-old transplant from Korea. He was brought to the states by another rescue and placed in a home that was just not a good fit. He needs someone with patience and willing to make boundaries for him with a quiet life. He tends to bond with one person and doesn't particularly need to meet other people.


He is very playful and affectionate but not a social butterfly.

Adoption fee $250

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Adult, Small, Black and white

Jet is a happy guy who loves to go on long walks and sniff everything he can! He will need some training to learn to not pull on the leash since he likes going where he wants to go. Otherwise, his manners when out and about are pretty good- he doesn't seem to bark at dogs, people, or anything else. When crated, in a car or in the home, he will sometimes whine for a time but will calm down and nap once he's comfortable with where he is. His previous owner said he likes meeting kids and adults alike when out and about; has no history with cats; is okay with certain dogs. He has a strong, bossy personality so introductions with other dogs should be watched carefully. He is enthusiastic to greet people he likes and loves to be petted and receive attention.

Jet does not come without warnings. We do not have any issues with him ourselves but it has been reported he has lashed out without warning or notable reason. He responds best to someone who can be fair but firm.

Adoption fee $250